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Express Wash

- Spot Free Wash & Dry

- Full Interior Deep Cleaning (Vents, Cup Holders, Door Panels)

- Vacuum Interior & Trunk

- and much more!!!

Deluxe Service

- Shampoo Interior Carpets & Seats
- Spot Clean Headliner
- Full Interior Deep Cleaning (Vents, Cup Holders, Door Panels, Etc

- Clean Seat Fixtures & Seat Belts

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Many people think car washing and car detailing are the same but this is not the case Detailing is more than a cleaning process to make a vehicle look good we use systems that approach to your vehicle with the idea of extending its life with methods and products that reduce damaging environmental elements such as dirt, sun, and harsh winters it involves handwashing by very experienced professionals.

Car detailing is divided into two stages: Interior Detailing and Exterior Detailing.

Exterior Car Detailing – It involves vacuuming, restoring, and surpassing the original condition of the exterior constituents of a vehicle, such as tires, windows, and wheels, among other visible components. Products include but are not limited to polishes, wax, detergents, and degreasers.

Interior Car Detailing – Interior detailing involves cleaning the inner parts of a vehicle. Some of the components found in the interior cabin include leather, plastics, vinyl, carbon fiber plastics, and natural fibers. To clean the interior cabinet, different techniques such as steam-cleaning and vacuuming are used.


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  • Esteban and his staff are very detail oriented when they clean they really check over each other work to make sure they don't miss anything. I had an unfortunate mishap of hitting a hawk and my windshield shattered and had glass shards that were really anywhere and everywhere and dangerous... I made an appointment and Esteban said don't worry I'll take care of you. To see my car detailed for the second time was mouth dropping a stain i had that i had been trying to knock out gone gone gone. My motor shines and purr's of course. The outside is phenomenal. Don't doubt this place when it comes to the satisfaction you'll be 100% satisfied I can guarantee that as a return customer.

    Jennifer Donegan

  • I just got my car detailed at You Next Car and Service. I purchased the VIP Detailing package. I am so pleased with Esteban's work. My car looks like new; even has the "new car smell." I honestly don't think the front windshield has ever been so clean. Esteban was prompt in responding to my call. I was able to bring in my car the same day I called. He kept me informed about the progress in detailing the car. I am so happy with You Next Car and Service. I highly recommend Esteban for car detailing services. I definitely will be back.

    - Julie Jossart Le

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